He Shu Jin (aka Mr. He) is a highly successful business man. He was born in a small, farming village in central China, He learned to work hard and value his education. As a young man, he left his small village to find a good job and be able to better support his family. Because of his strong work ethic, his ability to solve problems, and his leadership ability, he quickly rose to become the head of Ansu, Ltd, a publicly-traded company on the Schenzen Exchange in China.

Then, he founded Hunan Xinhua Pharmacy, Ltd in Changsha, China. This company is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company which supplies over 20,000 retail outlets all over China. In addition to pharmaceutical products, Xinhui produces traditional Chinese medicines, plant extracts, and much more. The Chinese government uses many of the processes and procedures Mr. He developed as the standard of excellence by which other companies are measured.

In 2014, he founded, XinHua for You, LLC., an Arkansas-based nutritional supplement company. XinHua was formed to market the products created from his over 30 years of research and development into a special strain of Lion's Mane mushroom. He oversaw the building of the only such facility in the world to employ his proprietary process that has multiple patents-pending in the United States and China.

He is also a Senior Engineer and Guest Researcher for light industry in China. The central government in China has rewarded Mr. He with special government grants to help expand business in China. He was once an elected delegat of the National Parliament in China (similar to Congress in the United States). He holds over 20 patents and is the recipient of the Outstanding Contribution Award for Chinese Entrpreneurs. The two books he has published, Introducing Market System While Strengthening Internal Management and The Goal Management System of Capital Efficiency had a very positive impact in industry and helping Chinese business to modernize and compete in the global market.